May 2011

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May 2011


Digital Costume Rendering: Painting From Your Desk!

Rafael Jaen Symposium Leader

Sample sketch using a PowerPoint template with added research and a Photoshop painted sketch.

For those who missed the Professional Development Workshops on digital painting sponsored by the USITT Costume Design & Technology Commission in 2009 and 2010, worry not!

Sketches painted using Photoshop layers. The photo sequence shows:

1) the painted costume with the actress actual face (copied, pasted and free transformed),

2) the second sketch shows new layers for shadows added by copying, painting and transforming the actual costume silhouette and a side shadow using the color burn tool,

3) the last sketch includes an environment layer which is the actual theater space in which the production takes place. Text was added as well as another layer.

This summer’s Costume Symposium July 27 to 30 at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will present a hands-on workshop designed to demonstrate ways in which to paint effective costume renderings using Photoshop software.

Class materials will offer comprehensive step-by-step samples how to use layers, how to create and manipulate fabric patterns, and tools to create depth and texture. The demonstrations  will also include how to apply color theory for highlighting based on lighting gel colors.

The first day will review various steps, such as the planning and archiving digital costume sketches, creating page templates and painting exciting character sketches using Photoshop Elements.

During the next two days of the symposium, participants will create their own templates for a full show and draw/paint their own sketches using the techniques explored the previous day. Each participant will work in small groups and have one-on-one coaching during the process.

In addition, there will be a final presentation and discussion, which will include the teaching points gathered by the group. Field trips will complement the development of design metaphors, color theory, and texture processes.

The deadline for the early registration discount is May 1. For complete information on the symposium including details on housing, transportation, requirements, and an application, click here.