May 2011

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May 2011

Secrets of the Institute

David Grindle’s “secret”

A friend asked me, shortly after I took on the role of Executive Director, “Have you learned the secrets of the Institute?” It was meant as a joke, but the fact of the matter is, YES, I have learned some of the secrets of the Institute. What I’ve learned is, there are many benefits of USITT membership that people have either forgotten, weren’t aware of, or just don’t get the publicity that they deserve. I have learned there are people who are our members that love to help solve problems and share wisdom (and not just for students). There are even great things happening for people in the Institute by people in the Institute that no one knows about.

Some of these are tangible benefits while others are aspects of programming and services that have been around “forever” and people think “everyone knows that” but maybe they don’t. Over the next few months I thought it would be fun to highlight SECRETS OF THE INSTITUTE.


H&H Specialties Refunds Conference Registration for Selected Students

Reid Neslage, president of H&H Specialties in the Los Angeles area and Fellow of the Institute, has for over 10 years paid the registrations for five or six student members to attend the conference. Once Very Early Registration ends, the names of students who have been a member for at least one year are randomly chosen from the list of registrants. Those students then receive their registration refunded as it is paid by Reid and H&H.

While we have many awards and honors through the Institute, this is a nice “surprise” for a student who wants to attend the conference to learn and network. It rewards dedication to the Institute through renewed membership as well as commitment to your craft through seeking new knowledge at the conference.

Thanks to H&H Specialties and Fellow of the Institute, Reid Neslage. It’s a great Secret of the Institute that’s not so secret any more.

Mr. Neslage with the 2011 winners of the H & H Specialties Student Conference Initiative