March 2013

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March 2013

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Seek PQ '15 Student Team Members

Thomas Burch Prague Quadrennial 2015 Student Exhibit

USITT is seeking a team of three student and/or early career designers to collaborate on the design and curation for the American Student Design Exhibit that will travel to the Czech Republic for the Prague Quadrennial 2015.

The goals of the exhibit team will be to conceive the scope and focus of the exhibit, collaborate on and design the physical exhibit itself, and curate the designs that will represent American student designers. Team members should have computer skills to include graphics, database, Photoshop, internet research, and CAD experience. Members should have a keen sense of design in their fields, the ability to write effectively, and the ability to collaborate with others remotely.

Team members will have periodic phone conference/Skype meetings where ideas are discussed, tasks evenly distributed, and information shared. These will happen with varying frequency throughout the following two years. There will be a group meeting at the 2014 USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo which team members will be expected to attend. There will be a two-day “exhibit fit-up” meeting at Indiana University around January of 2015 (IU will build all three American exhibits). The exhibit load-in will take place over two to three days in Prague in June 2015.

Think of it as a long-form collaboration... from initial Skype/phone conference to completion in Prague will be a span of nearly two and a half years, but it’s not life-encompassing for that timeline. USITT will cover travel and hotel for the January 2015 “exhibit fit-up” in Indiana and for travel to and from Prague, and up to three days of hotel during the onsite exhibit installation. USITT Conference & Stage Expo travel will not be covered. In previous cycles, student exhibit team members have been successful in getting conference travel support from their home institutions.

Submit name, area of design, basic school info (degree, year in school, or recent year graduated), contact info, name and contact info of academic advisor (as a reference), and a brief paragraph detailing interest in being a part of this team to Tom Burch at (

The deadline for application is April 15, 2013. Decisions will be made by May 1.

Bottom line... organizers admit that this is a lot of hard volunteer work, but getting to be a part of such an experience is unlike anything else... and in Prague. Those who participate will get to meet people from around the world that love theatre, and those connections can pay back huge dividends over the course of a career.