March 2013

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March 2013

Conference & Stage Expo

Commission Adds to Leadership

David Glowacki Health & Safety Commission

After a year of investigation and consideration, the Health & Safety Commission will make an administrative change to take effect with the 2013 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Commission has added two Vice-Commissioners for Programming – one for Safety Programming and one for Health Programming.

Bill Reynolds will be Vice-Commissioner for Safety Programming, and Bryan Huneycutt will be Vice-Commissioner for Health Programming.

The programming responsibilities will be shared, allowing both VCs to have more time during annual Conferences to network and develop programming ideas for future events. The change will help achieve better balance between safety- and health-oriented sessions. The additional leadership will help identify and develop future presenters, session chairs, and leaders. The Commissioner will have greater freedom to identify and develop new initiatives to help meet the needs of the industry.

Bill Reynolds has been on the faculty at Yale University School of Drama since 1982, and is the director of theatre safety and occupational health for Yale School of Drama/Yale Repertory Theatre. He teaches theatre safety and health classes and workshops in risk management for graduate students in several departments at YSD/YRT. Previously, he was the director of facility operations for YSD/YRT. He graduated with a bachelor of arts from Northern Michigan University in 1973 and received a master of fine arts from the Yale School of Drama, Dept. of Technical Design and Production in 1977. Mr. Reynolds has presented theater safety, occupational health, and life safety sessions for the New England Theater Conference; the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Managers Assn.; the American Occupational Health Conference; USITT; and InfoComm.

Mr. Huneycutt is the area manager for entertainment safety integration for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment with a focus on injury reduction and prevention efforts. He graduated from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte and attended graduate school at George Washington University in the tourism administration program with a concentration in event and meeting management. He has worked for Disney Entertainment in many different capacities over his 20 years with the company. In his current role, he works with creative, production and operational teams to ensure that safety is front-of-mind in all aspects of entertainment, from creative concept to daily operation.