November 2015

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November 2015

Spotlight on Giving

I Believe in USITT

Tammy Honesty

Through my work on the Conference Committee and now on the Board, I have discovered what an amazing organization USITT is. It is forward-thinking and leading the industry in safety, rigging, innovation, training, and diversity. I believe in USITT. I believe in the mission. I believe in the quality of programming and training opportunities. I believe in the positive effect it has had in my students' lives and careers.

I am proud to support an organization that promotes a lifetime of learning at all levels whether it be the New Century Fund or Diversity Initiative that invest in the future professionals of the industry or the Edward F. Kook Fund that invests in research, or the Rigging Safety Initiative that provides training and inspections in schools across the country.

Tammy Honesty, scene designer and assistant professor at Western Illinois University Theatre and Dance.

Donors from September 15 to October 14, 2015:

Kook Fund

  • Alexandra Bonds
  • Paul Brunner
  • Dennis Dorn
  • Randy Earle
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • Loren Schreiber

New Century Fund

  • June Gaeke
  • Jennifer Kenyon In Memory of Bill Kenyon & Fred Raker
  • Ira Lichtman

New Century Fund - Diversity

  • Kasey Allee-Foreman
  • Rafael Jaen
  • Shane Kelly In Memory of Tayneshia Jefferson
  • Michael Mehler
  • Jesse Portillo

New Century Fund - Rigging Safety

  • Lori Furcinito
  • Caitlin Hurban

Samuel H. Scripps International Fund

  • Alexandra Bonds
  • Loren Schreiber


  • Jean Montgomery
  • Mark Shanda
  • Tymberley Whitesel

General Operations

  • Carolyn Satter
  • Sherry Wagner-Henry
  • Emily Gill
  • Debra Sherrer
  • Mickey Henry
  • Bill Browning
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • MJ Sedlock
  • Steven Machlin
  • Dennis Dorn
  • Loren Schreiber
  • Jean Montgomery
  • Dan Culhane
  • Carl Lefko

Fellows Fund

  • Alexandra Bonds
  • James Moody
  • Randy Earle
  • Patricia MacKay