May 2016

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May 2016

Conference & Stage Expo

USITT 2016 Lives On

USITT 2016 in Salt Lake City was, as one attendee put it, "an embarrassment of riches" that could not fit into one person's schedule. Fortunately, some of those riches were recorded!

USITT will be sharing Conference content you may have missed over the next few months, both on social media and in Sightlines.

Here are some selections:

Opening Day & Keynote:

  • Jacob Coakley of Stage Directions Magazine covered the 2016 Conference opening on his Theatre Face blog, with photos, descriptions and quotes. Read it here.
  • The video of Keynote Artist Tupac Martir's exhilarating presentation is up on YouTube. View it here:

Innovation Stage: Ladder Safety

A highlight of the Innovation Stage at Stage Expo was an informative and eye-opening presentation on ladder safety by Dave Francis, national safety director for Little Giant Ladders. Did you know that every day over 500 people go to hospitals due to ladder-related accidents? Of those, 36 per day will be disabled for life, and one will die. "That's unacceptable to us in the industry," Dave said. See his presentation here:

Engaging Exhibitors

  • One of the exciting products unveiled at USITT 2016 was Gig Gloves. Owner Danny Shatzkes sold out of gloves at the show. Watch the video to see why:
  • USITT 2016 was the world premiere of the new EMBRACE earmount mics from Point Source Audio. Watch Point Source's James Lamb customize an ear mount in seconds here:
  • ESL Power Systems put together a short and sweet overview of Stage Expo 2016. See it here: