March 2016

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March 2016


Count the Miles, Make the Miles Count

Bryan L. Huneycutt VC Programming, Safety & Health Commission

Everyone knows that the USITT Conference and Stage Expo means lots of walking, but did you know you can turn those miles into dollars for charity?

This year in Salt Lake City, the Safety & Health Commission would like to invite all attendees to join us in promoting health while also doing good. Through the use of the “Charity Miles” app, you can turn each mile into a 25 cent donation for many charities like ASPCA, Feeding America, Stand Up to Cancer, and Habitat for Humanity.  During the conference, the Commission will tweet daily the impact the group has made.

To join in the fun, just download “Charity Miles” at and join Team #USITT2016.

Join the effort to turn aching feet into donations that can make a difference!