September 2013

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September 2013

Conference & Stage Expo

Make A Connection

Ron Procopio Stage Expo Manager

Stage Expo has taken some large strides in the previous years. Those who have attended the show over multiple cities, will have have noticed the size and scope of the event has grown. There are more attendees than ever requiring more exhibiting companies that offer a wide variety of new technologies and services for productions.

As many in the production world have learned, skills and experience can be used by many different sorts of industries and productions. This is why USITT has opened its doors to partnering associations and publications. For example, many of the technologies showcased on the Stage Expo floor could be used in the worship industry or concert production.

These are just some of the reasons these companies have signed up to join USITT in Fort Worth this coming March. Many companies that have previously been with USITT are seeing the growth of the Institute and how it interacts with its associates. The partnering also creates high value for those exhibiting companies. If they are able to cross market in just a single location, the Stage Expo becomes a strong place for their marketing dollar.

The goal is to create a single place for the industry to connect. Whether someone is looking for a graduate school program, equipment for community theatre, or a multi-million dollar sound system for an arena, the Stage Expo is the place to make those connections. Make sure to visit the show in Fort Worth and see these companies:

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