September 2013

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September 2013

Learning from USITT's Board
The first two participants in USITT's Board Mentorship Program are already working with the Board of Directors and looking forward to the year... more »

In Memoriam: Tayneshia Jefferson
A vital part of USITT's leadership, a mentor, and a friend... more »

Awards for Young Designers & Technicians
Nominations open September 1 for awards that are more than just recognition, but the first step to greater fame... more »

New Position in USITT Office
Education & Training Coordinator Christine Troscher brings more than two decades of experience in all aspects of event planning and performance to USITT... more »

New Alliance to Foster Safety
OSHA, IATSE, and USITT will work together in an alliance to foster best practices, safety standard guidance, and training... more »

Serving the Institute for 15 Years
What else happened the year Google was founded and Windows 98 made its debut? Carol Carrigan, Barbara Lucas, and Monica Merritt joined USITT and have been changing and growing with the Institute ever since... more »

American Seating Sponsors Competition
The 2014 Architecture & Theatre Student Design Competition has a new supporter for the event which challenges architecture and theatre students to collaborate... more »

New Name Emphasizes Safety
A new mission statement and a new name highlight the changes coming to the commission formerly known as Health & Safety... more »

An Italy Sojourn
Four cities and 13 days of in-depth looks at art and performance as part of USITT's 2013 Study Tour... more »

From the President: Shaping the Future
Two intensive days of meetings are helping USITT move from a strategic plan to more specific goals and objectives... more »

USITT's Executive Director: Institute?
Not just a staid and static place, for USITT that word conveys a vibrant and changing landscape... more »

A Cultural Adventure
A special day-long trip to nearby Dallas will offer participants at the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo a chance to experience the Dallas Art District... more »

Expanding Stage Expo
New and returning exhibitors are helping Stage Expo in Fort Worth to grow, and providing even more reason to visit... more »

The Last Word — A Summer Vacation!
Horizons expanded for Lauren Wilde after she won the 2014 USITT Makeup Design Award sponsored by Kryolan Professional Makeup... more »

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