September 2012

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September 2012

Conference & Stage Expo

Find A Fellow -- Again

Tim Kelly USITT Fellow

Which of these USITT Fellows will be participating in the 2013 version of the Find a Fellow contest for USITT student members?

Photo/Richard Finkelstein

How many Fellows must a Student Member find if the Fellow Member wants to be found?

The answer is six, which is the number of Fellows to locate in the USITT Student Member only Find A Fellow contest during the Milwaukee 2013 Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Those who engaged in the 2012 FAF “scavenger hunt” in Long Beach have encouraged the Fellows to repeat this game in Milwaukee. Once again, there will be two prize winners selected at random from all the successfully completed forms. Each of those two winners will be provided a two-day, all expense paid mentoring session with a Fellow in their area of interest.

Photographs of the “treasure,” the six Fellows who are subjects of the hunt, will be found on the 2013 FAF form available at the opening of Stage Expo. These forms may be picked up in the USITT Boutique Network Nexus Booth and returned there when completed. The basics are: get the form, ask anyone for help in determining the names of the six Fellows, find the Fellows, have them sign the form, and return completed forms by noon Saturday, March 23.

Winners will be announced at the Saturday night closing party. Pick up a form as early as possible in order to have the maximum amount of time to complete the contest. The photos are not very current. It may be a challenge for even some of the Fellows to help determine the names but, like last year, there will be hints.

Through participation in this lighthearted game students and Fellows have an opportunity to meet one another and strike up conversations. There are 78 Fellows in USITT who are easily approachable.

All the Fellows started out right where the students are and, through years of experience in the entertainment industry, have amassed a unique body of information. All Fellows feel it is their mission, duty, and great pleasure to pass along to the next generation of theatre practitioners insights to success.