September 2012

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September 2012


Seek Future, Past Poster Presentations

The Education Commission is looking to create an archive of past poster presentations. Anyone who has ever presented a poster for the Commission is encouraged to supply any and all digital documentation, the poster itself, handouts, or any detailed description. This will be a way to share ideas with all of the USITT members.

Presenters for the 2013 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are also being sought. Posters can be classroom projects, techniques for engaging students, or tips for making life in academia simpler. Students are encouraged to participate and submit ideas related to class projects or student life.

Proposals should submit as abstracts no more than 200 words in length giving a concise summary of the presentation. Abstracts are due by November 15. The completed poster and any handouts do not need to be ready until February, so submit a proposal now.

To submit a proposal, go to to find instructions which are under the Conference tab.

To submit past presentations or new proposals, or for general questions, contact David Navalinsky at

The Costume Design & Technology Commission is also seeking poster submissions for 2013, continuing their long tradition of submittals. The Lighting Design & Technology Commission will present a poster session for the first time in 2013.