February 2016

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February 2016

Spotlight on Giving

Making an Impact

Linda Pisano

Giving to USITT is such an important way for me to give back to an organization, mission, and membership I believe in.

The automatic deduction option has made it so easy to give at any level, and at the end of the year, I can see that it has really made an impact!

Linda Pisano
Professor of Costume Design
Head of Design & Technology
Indiana University Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance

Donors from December 15 to January 14, 2016:

Kook Fund

  • Alexandra Bonds
  • Dennis Dorn
  • Andi Lyons
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • Loren Schreiber
  • Bill Teague
  • Jonathan Terry
  • Charles Williams
  • Stephanie Young

New Century Fund

  • Jason Foreman
  • Mitch Hefter
  • Steven Jacobs
  • Andi Lyons
  • Kenneth Vannice
  • Charles Williams
  • Bernhard Works

New Century Fund - Diversity

  • Kasey L. Allee-Foreman
  • Lea Asbell-Swanger In Memory of Sarah Nash Gates
  • Rafael E. Jaen
  • Andi Lyons
  • Michael Mehler
  • Linda Pisano In Memory of Tayneshia Jefferson
  • Marva Pradier In Memory of Tayneshia Jefferson

New Century Fund - Rigging Safety

  • Robert Fowler
  • Tom Garey
  • H & H Specialties Inc.
  • Barbara ER Lucas In Memory of Sarah Nash Gates
  • Andi Lyons In Memory of Jay Glerum
  • Jennifer Raynak
  • Bryant Williamson

Samuel H. Scripps International Fund

  • Alexandra B. Bonds
  • William J. Byrnes
  • Mr. Kevin Rigdon
  • Loren Schreiber


  • Lowell Achziger
  • Andi Lyons
  • Mark W. Shanda
  • Dr. Bernhard R. Works In Memory of Sarah Nash Gates
  • Stephanie Young In Memory of Sarah Nash Gates

General Operations

  • William L. Browning
  • Alessia Carpoca
  • Daniel J. Culhane
  • Dennis L. Dorn
  • Johnnie J. Ferrell
  • Emily Gill
  • David Grindle
  • Brent Mickey Henry
  • Michael Katz
  • Scott Kincaid
  • Carl H. Lefko
  • Andi Lyons
  • Martha A. Marking
  • Leslie Marqua
  • Sylvia Hillyard Pannell
  • Anthony R. Phelps
  • Brian Reed
  • Carolyn Ann Satter
  • Loren Schreiber
  • Vickie Scott
  • Mary Jean Sedlock
  • Caleb Stroman
  • Jonathan G. Terry
  • James C. Thurston
  • Paul Vincent
  • Sherry Wagner-Henry
  • Kimb E. Williamson
  • Stephanie Young

Fellows Fund

  • Arnold Aronson
  • Alexandra B. Bonds
  • Mitch Hefter
  • Timothy Kelly In Memory of Sarah Nash Gates
  • Reid Neslage In Memory of Sarah Nash Gates