February 2016

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February 2016


Survey Highlights Costume Programs

Judy Adamson Costume Design Presenter

The Survey of Costume Design and Technology Programs, offered by USITT, is intended as a resource for high school graduates looking for a college or university with a costume program, and for college graduates who want to continue their education in costume design or production at an advanced level. The survey is reviewed and updated each year in the Fall in order to have all information current within the past three years.

The Survey can be found at costumesurvey.info. Information on the 183 participating programs can be searched by region or browsed alphabetically. The degrees offered, the names of the faculty and staff with their specialties, and the focus of the programs as well as their strengths are listed. Links are provided to websites and email links for further contact.

There is a link on the home page to add an institution to the Survey (or rejoin the group). Fill out the brief questionnaire "How to Add Your School to the Survey."