December 2014

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December 2014


Offer Tenure Reviews

The Education Commission will host portfolio reviews for promotion and tenure documentation this year at the Cincinnati 2015 Conference & Stage Expo.

Educators within two years of tenure who would like feedback on their portfolios are welcome to participate. Reviews will be scheduled Thursday through Saturday, with each day holding a morning and an afternoon time slot; up to two people per time slot. Each review will last no more than 75 minutes.

The review panel will be composed of a tenured faculty member in the subject area and an additional faculty member in another area. Feedback will be oral and not written; availability will be based on reviewers. This first year will be limited to twelve portfolios.

Those interested can contact Jonathan Allender-Zivic for further details. Bring portfolio, curriculum vitae, and tenure and promotion file with a copy of the tenure guidelines from the institution.

The Commission is looking for tenured faculty willing to serve as reviewers. The commitment would be one, 75 minute slot per day with a maximum of three portfolios. Anyone interested can contact Sarah Brewer.