December 2014

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December 2014

Conference & Stage Expo

An Adventure in Stage Armaments

Thomas Fiocchi Scene Design & Technology Commission

Photos/Thomas Fiocchi

The clash of cold steel, the booming recoil of a well-placed cannon, the hiss and clank of an evil robot, the staccato bark of a submachine gun -- it's all at the "Arms and the Prop Man" exhibit during the Cincinnati 2015 Annual Conference& Stage Expo.

The exhibit is a celebration of prop artisan-built weapons and will include stage combat-worthy swords and daggers, detailing their construction techniques, and a fair smattering of realistic guns, built to be completely safe while using a vast array of multimedia materials. Add specialized confetti cannons, noise making clown guns, and wearable fighter planes for an informative and interesting exhibit that shouldn't be missed.