September 2014

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August 2014

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GLP: Lights Up German World Cup Celebrations

After winning the thrilling FIFA World Cup Final in Rio de Janeiro and the subsequent flight home in the Siegerflieger (the victors' plane), the German National Team received a memorable reception from nearly one million fans at the Fan Mile in Berlin, along with the support of GLP impression X4 units.

Before this event, up to 500,000 soccer fans celebrated their team's success on the Straße on the night of July 13 in front of the Brandenburg Gate and along the Fan Mile. For the light show on the main stage, situated in front of the famous landmark, Berlin-based TLT Event AG was responsible for building the 65 square metre LED wall along with a number of GLP impression X4 fixtures.

Both the German team as well as the German designed GLP X4, performed exceptionally. After a month-long tournament in Brazil and a total of 13 days of use on the Fan Mile, the most beautiful homecoming the German football fans could imagine was the presentation of the trophy in front of the fans by team captain Philipp Lahm and his team-mates.

TLT AG's director, Jan Schimming, was entirely satisfied. "The operating days at the Fan Mile can sometimes be long. For the team's homecoming, the stage programme, for example, began at 8 o'clock in the morning — and yet we experienced no problems with the impression X4 during the entire production."