September 2014

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August 2014


Scenics Seeks Poster Session Submissions

Submissions are being accepted through November 15, 2014 for I Made It Myself Again, the Scene Design & Technology Commission's Poster Session.

This is an opportunity for anyone to share ideas and processes in scenic arts and design, as well as become more active and involved in USITT. Innovative solutions to scene design problems, crafting exciting props, developing a new painting technique, pioneering new teaching methods, or using old products in interesting new ways are among a few ideas that can be shared. Entries will be judged on the basis of innovation, invention, problem solving, and creativity. The "cool factor" will also be considered. Selected entries will be shown at the 2015 Annual Conference & Stage Expo to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 18 to 21.

Complete information about online submission is available here.

Ideas should be presented as an abstract, a concise summary of the information to be presented in the poster, 200 words or less (.doc). One visual image is required and should be no larger than 18x24, 200dpi,(pdf). A brief biography is required, 50 words or less (.doc).

All submissions will be blind juried by the Selection Committee. The jurors will not see the names of the submitter, or the biography. If the submission is accepted, the biography will be used for the Conference program. Successful applicants will be notified in early December. All presenters must submit an electronic copy of the finished presentation, including a handout if necessary, no later than February.