January 2013

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January 2013

Conference & Stage Expo

Update on Architecture Competitions, Seek Nominees

Scott F. Georgeson, FAIA Architecture Commissioner

The Architecture Commission recently made announcements regarding two design competitions: a new competition to design the Commission’s Architecture Awards Exhibit at the Milwaukee 2013 Conference & Stage Expo, and the jury for the “Ideal Theatre” Student Design Competition.

The Architecture Awards Exhibit Competition is open to college and university students as well as recent graduates (less than six years out of school). Competitors must live within the Midwest Regional Section (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, or Michigan). USITT membership is not required.

The winning team will be guests of the Architecture Commission at the annual Conference & Stage Expo. Team members will receive passes for Expo, access to all Architecture Commission Events, and recognition at Friday night's Architecture Awards Ceremony. Images of the installation and merit award designs will be posted on the Architecture Commission web pages.

January 25 is the deadline to submit a notice of interest to Scott Georgeson, FAIA, chair, at sfg@workshoparchitects.com. Design proposal submissions are due February 21. The winning proposal will be selected and the winners notified by February 28. E-mail him for more information about the competition.

The exhibit is limited to a 20-by- 20 foot print and can be no more than 12 feet high. Because the winning designer is responsible to construct and install the exhibit, teams are encouraged. The budget for all the materials, transportation, and installation is $1,500. USITT will provide the winning team half the money at the time of award and the remainder at completion of the Stage Expo installation.

On this year's jury for the Ideal Theatre Student Design Competition are Rose Steele of Landry & Bogan, Kurt Schindler of ELS Architects, and Thomas Hall of Albert Hall & Associates .

This group will meet on January 16 in Berkley, California to select three finalists from teams of students from throughout the world. For the first time, the students could submit entries based on separate design briefs: one allows the team to write a program and pick a location for its design anywhere in the world, and the other to design a new performing arts center for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee school of theatre. To help the jury understand the design, each team provides design images of the building and a booklet outlining the team’s design process.

The finalists are invited to present at the 2013 Annual Conference & Stage Expo where the membership votes to select the final winner. All submissions and the design of the finalists will be part of the Architecture Awards Exhibit at Stage Expo. The presentation to the membership is set for the morning of March 23, 2013

The Architecture Commission is looking for candidates for Commissioner and Vice-Commissioners.  Anyone interested in serving should write to sfg@workshoparchitects.com by February 28.