January 2013

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January 2013

Election Results & Call for Nominations
Six members of the Board of Directors will take office in July, and nominations are now open for the 2014 slate. more »

Richard Pilbrow to Receive Golden Pen
A man described as "a treasure of the profession" will add yet another honor when he receives the 2013 USITT Golden Pen for A Theatre Project. more »

Founders Award to Tom Young
Advocate of theatre safety, and of USITT, will receive the 2013 USITT Joel E. Rubin Founders Award. more »

Designing the Exhibit for PQ 2015
Even before choosing the work that will be represented, USITT is opening up the process of designing the USITT display space for the Prague Quadrennial. more »

Member Benefit - A Present
Training opportunities for members at every level of their careers is being offered in regional locations. more »

Desmond Heeley Honored
Expertise in not one but two different areas, Costume Design & Technology and Scene Design, will be honored. more »

Plan Now for WSD/Scenofest in Wales
Scenofest is seeking performances to be included in the 2013 event, and enties are being accepted for World Stage Design, too. more »

USITT's President Message
What it means to be a member is both personal and universal. more »

Executive Director - More than Just a Number
Building the organization's membership means bringing value to all who participate.. more »

Setting Records at Stage Expo
With more than three months to go before Stage Expo 2013 opens, it is already breaking records. more »

Station Opera House
Merging performance art, studio arts, digital arts, and architecture in innovative spaces make this London-based company a treat. more »

Regional Tours
Go beyond a visit to Milwaukee with a day-long trip to Chicago, Madison, or even run away to join the circus (museum and theatre) in Baraboo. more »

Designing the Architecture Exhibit and more
Architecture Commission programming for Milwaukee includes a contest to design and build the structure which will display some of its award winners. more »

Nominate for Education Award
It is not too early to start thinking about potential nominees for the education award to be presented in 2014. more »

The Last Word — SansDIsk
Designs not totally digital yet? Here's some sound advice. more »