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June 2004
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World Stage Design 2005
Deadline is June 30

Eric Fielding
Director, World Stage Design 2005

The submission deadline for World Stage Design 2005 is June 30, 2004.

But, even though the deadline is nearly here, there is still time to join with scores of designers from around the world and have one or more designs included in the World Stage Design 2005 exhibition and catalogs. Just follow these six simple steps:

  1. Pick a recent production.
  2. Select three to six photographs, images, and/or sound files.
  3. Obtain an Entry ID Number.
  4. Fill out the entry form.
  5. Pay the entry fee.
  6. Submit your entry.

Details about the entry process (photograph/image/file requirements, entry fees, etc.) are included with the entry form. The Entry ID Number(s) can be requested by e-mail. For those who decide to enter online, the number(s) will be assigned automatically. On the simple two-page entry form, provide personal information and details of the production.

To download an entry form or to enter on-line, visit our website at To request an Entry ID Number or to ask questions, send an e-mail to

WSD 2005 is open to all set, costume, lighting, and sound designers throughout the world, including you. So, be sure to get designs submitted before June 30 and don't miss this opportunity to be included in the inaugural World Stage Design 2005 exhibition and catalogs!

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