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June 2004
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Health & Safety Commission Reviews Long Beach Sessions

Dr. Randall W.A. Davidson
Health & Safety Commissioner Emeritus

The Health & Safety Commission offered several outstanding presentations at the recent conference in Long Beach. Paul Sullivan’s Emergency Planning, and his ADA Renewed were well attended and two of the finest USITT presentations in present memory. Commission members have highly recommended obtaining a copy of these two exceptional and outstanding presentations. These PowerPoint presentations are extremely helpful in the operation of facilities. We believe this information is the most professional members will be able to find anywhere.

Mr. Sullivan is also in the midst of reestablishing the Health & Safety Commission web site. The documents of these sessions along with up to date Commission information, including the sessions for Toronto, will be on the site which will be reached through

The Commission has put in motion a five year agenda for future conferences for addressing specific topics of Health & Safety. Because of the vital need for updating certain areas of occupational health and safety in entertainment, the Commission will repeat specific topics on a rotating basis. The first part of this program will begin in Toronto. The specifics for these programs will be posted as they are available.

Sessions addressing chemicals, indoor air quality and ventilation, and other topics are being proposed for Toronto.

The Commission and the Board of USITT also honored and thanked Dr. Randall Davidson, Commissioner Emeritus, with the USITT International Health and Safety Award for his 60 years pioneering health and safety in the Entertainment Industry. (See related story). In addition to recognition by the USITT, he was presented an award by the NFPA, for his many years of service of five separate fire prevention and Life Safety Committees (Pyrotechnics, Electrical, Life Safety, Motion Picture Facilities, and Special Effects).

The Commission has many active members and encourages all USITT members to join and help spread health and safety information and knowledge to all those in the theatre. For further information please contact any of the Vice-Commissioner listed in the Annual Membership Directory & Resource Guide or Dr. Davidson, Vice-Commissioner for Publicity.

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