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June 2004
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Tech Expo is held in alternate years and is a showcase for new ideas as well as clever solutions to old problems. The picture at left is from Tech Expo in 2003.

by Rob Kerby
Tech Expo Committee Member



Plan Now to Enter
Tech Expo 2005

It is never too early to think about Tech Expo 2005!

Yep! We are at it again; the biennial Tech Expo comes to Toronto in 2005.

And this time it is special. The Tech Expo is celebrating its tenth installment this time around, and it is the committee’s hope that the number of entries tops 100. With that in mind, we are looking to all of you to help us reach our goal. As you start to ponder how to create something exciting on stage, take an extra picture or two and write up a little something about how you reached your solution.

Or, if you realize after a challenging show has closed that your solution was unique (or at least unusual), dust it off and submit it to us for consideration. The Tech Expo is an opportunity to showcase solutions to unique challenges related to production.

For those who may be new to the Tech Expo, here is a basic overview of how this event comes into being. First, you submit an idea for consideration.

Submissions from all areas of production are invited: scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, etc. What to submit? It is pretty simple. All you need is a simple, written description of a solution and some graphics to support it. Deadline for submissions is November 19, 2004.

At that time the committee looks at all entries and selects those to be included in Tech Expo. Then a member of the committee will contact you regarding your article and any graphics to be included in the Tech Expo catalogue.

A display version of the solution must be provided so that it can be included in the Tech Expo Exhibit. (Shipping instructions and return shipping costs will be provided upon acceptance for exhibition.)

Now this may seem like a lot but remember, the committee is here to help! If you are one of those who think you are not a good writer, please do not let that stop you.

Our committee members are committed to helping you create an article that will really showcase your solution. You may also think that, if your entry is chosen, then you must also go to the conference. While we would love for everone to be in Toronto to see the fruits of their labor, conference attendance is not required for participation in the Tech Expo.

Remember, the Tech Expo is a juried exhibition. For those on the tenure track, this is an opportunity to have work evaluated by peers and published in a respected journal of the Institute. This is a two-for-one offer, but you must act now!

Watch for the application form on the USITT web sight and in an upcoming issue of Sightlines. If, you have any questions regarding the Tech Expo, please contact me at, to either answer your question or steer you towards someone on the committee who can.

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