December 2015

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December 2015

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That’s a Wrap! Design Books Packaged for Giving

For the rising theatre designer, seasoned professional, or new theatre grad, these image-filled books will be a welcome addition to their library.

Each volume documents iconic moments in the careers of true pioneers in American theatre -- in Costume, Lighting & Sound, and Scenic Design.

  • The Costume Designs Of… 3-book set presents the designs of the widely regarded and well known Willa Kim, Carrie Robbins, and Ann Roth. $54.95 plus FREE shipping & handling.
  • The Lighting & Sound Designs Of… 3-book set profiles the innovative and technologically inventive work of Tharon Musser, Abe Jacob, and Jules Fisher. $44.95 plus FREE shipping & handling.
  • The Scenic Designs Of… 3-book set chronicles the storied careers of award-winning designers Ming Cho Lee, Tony Walton, and Douglas W. Schmidt. $54.95 plus FREE shipping & handling.

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