December 2015

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December 2015


Listserv Brings Costumers Together

Kristina Tollefson Moderator

The Costumer’s Info list brings together hundreds of costuming professionals worldwide to exchange sources, ideas, techniques, and products used in any area of theatrical costuming.

All USITT members who are involved in costuming are encouraged to participate.

Subscribers post questions ranging from machinery recommendations to dye techniques, textbooks and web sources, internships and job openings. Topics and discussions on the list sometimes develop into panel sessions at the USITT Annual Conferences & Stage Expos. With a membership of over 600, there is someone out there who has faced the same challenges and who is excited to share their experiences.

The list has a searchable archive, so those who join now can benefit from the discussions of the past. Searching the archives before posting a request may be all that is needed to answer a question. Entering “dye vats” into the Costumer’s Info archive, for example, will bring up all posts that contained any discussion of dye vats.

The list is moderated, which ensures the integrity of postings, allows the moderator to edit or combine duplicate messages, and ensures that members are posting to the correct list for their inquiry.

The main features can be accessed through email alone, but both lists have web pages providing access to additional resources. Participants can to choose to receive either the individual message format (which may result in as many as 10 emails a day) or the digest format (which compiles all of the day’s messages into one email) for either list. Guidelines for use can be found in the “files” section on the Costumer’s Info website and will be emailed immediately upon subscribing.

Questions about these services that cannot be answered by visiting the web, can be directed to the list moderator, Kristina Tollefson, at