March 2014

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March 2014

News From USITT's Executive Director & President

A Visit to Fort Worth

'Twas the weeks before conference
And all through the office
Not a creature was stirring….
They were packing and processing registration

Road boxes were packed
In the storeroom with care
In hopes that the delivery men
Soon would be there

With Carol processing payments
And I with contracts in my lap
We really just wanted
A long winter's nap

Then out in Fort Worth
There arose such a clatter
We sprang up in New York
To see what was the matter

Away to the airport we flew like a flash
Checked all of our luggage
And grabbed petty cash

The moon on the breast of the Syracuse snow
Was nice, but it's cold
So to Texas
Let's GO

Then what to our wondering eyes did appear
But designers, technicians, and a few engineers

Led by a President that laughed with glee
We knew in a moment that it must be Lea

More rapid than eagles the attendees they came,
And she whistled and shouted and called them by name

Now Scenic, Now Costumes, Now Lighting and Education
On Management, on Sound, Tech Production, Health and Safety*

Into Fort Worth, they drove and they flew
With excitement for the week, and empty swag bags, too

Stepping in the Convention Center
And looking around,
From Stage Expo came President Lea with a bound

She spoke lots of words and went straight to her work
Greeting members, seeing old friends, being kind, not a jerk

And laying her finger aside of her nose
Giving a nod, to the Sound Lab she rose
And we heard her exclaim as she took in the sight
Welcome to Conference, y' all, have a marvelous night

*the commission name has changed, but the rhythm stays the same

With sincere apologies to Clement Moore or whoever actually wrote the original