October 2011

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October 2011

Conference & Stage Expo

Stage Expo Moving Closer

Helen Willard, Stage Expo Sales Manager

Stage Expo will provide a very different experience in 2012 than visitors found when USITT first went to Long Beach in 1998.

Photo/USITT Archives

More than 100 exhibitors have already booked space for USITT's 52nd Annual Conference & Stage Expo, which will be held March 29 to 31 in Long Beach, California.  With six months until the show, 80 percent of the available booth space has been reserved, and less than 40 booth spaces remain to be sold.  Plan now to attend this annual showcase of businesses, products, services, and educational opportunities for the performing arts and entertainment industry.

Exhibitors who have recently reserved space include Camburn & Associates, Cobalt Studios, Duck’s Echo Sound, Frank Morrow Company, Northern Sound and Light, Necessity’s Inventions, Slingco, and Stagejunk.com.

Stage Expo 2012 will include eight Cyber Lounges so attendees can check e-mail and surf the web, as well as the USITT Booth & Boutique, where conference goers can learn more about the Institute, purchase logo items, or attend book signings.  There will be a variety of special exhibits at Stage Expo, including Design Expo 2012, several Commission-sponsored and Regional exhibits, and the USITT/USA PQ 2011 National Exhibit, From the Edge, the student exhibit, Emerge, and the architecture design exhibit.

For more information about Stage Expo 2012 exhibitors, visit the Stage Expo Web Page to see the layout and a current list of exhibitors. Visitors will soon be able to click on a highlighted booth to find contact information and a brief description for each exhibitor. Links will be provided to exhibitors' websites to learn more about their products and services prior to the show.

A limited number of Commercial tables for small companies meeting criteria, and Non-Commercial tables for colleges, universities, and other non-profit organizations are available. To suggest a company or organization who are not listed as exhibitors, send an e-mail message with contact information to hpwillard@aol.com.