June 2011

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June 2011

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Southeast: Master Classes Set for October

The Southeast Regional Section's Master Classes for fall 2011 are set for October 7 and 8 at the University of Georgia in Athens. One of the themes of this year's classes might be one of spectacle --using advanced technology as both a tool and element in production design. This year's workshops tentatively include not just one, but several stellar guest artists, classes featuring UGA media programs and equipment, and sessions featuring a variety of experts from several leading manufacturers/production services companies.

Speakers include lighting designers Ken Billington and Jeff Davis, as well as Broadway fabric painter Margaret Peot. Sessions relating to the UGA media and design programs will include both an introduction and hands-on foundation class in Maya 3D computer modeling and animation, and a session on using virtual design in interactive performance --using motion capture system and video wall technologies. Vendor sessions include Meyer Sound and two of their trainers who will offer several variations of their popular sound workshops on Friday and Saturday. TMB is bringing a Hippotizer media server and two representatives who will host a workshop on media server hardware as well as another session on content for media servers. Rosco Labs is providing two workshops on projection effects and making original gobos on a budget, while D2 Flying Effects will host two rigging sessions – one on flying effects. Additional sessions include: Lighting Apps for your iPhone, Working in Themed Design, sessions on prop creation and scenic painting, backstage tours of local theatres, and lighting technology sessions relating to newer forms of control and LEDs.

The University of Georgia is excited to host the master classes this fall. There is a block of hotel rooms at several local hotels (within walking distance of all activities and downtown attractions) with special rates ranging from $89 to $109 per night (plus tax) for Thursday to Saturday evenings. Look for registration materials and additional information in the mail or on the USITT-SE website sometime this summer. Contact Rich Dunham, head of design at the University of Georgia (706-542-8273 or rdunham@uga.edu) for more information.