June 2011

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June 2011

Now Accepting Nominations for Special USITT Awards
Members can participate by nominating people for USITT's special honors and Distinguished Achievement Awards before July 15. more »

Training Program Recognized
The USITT Electrical Workshop, operated by the Engineering Commission with Theatre Safety Programs, is now an ETCP Recognized Training Program. more »

Slate for 2012 Elections
USITT's Nominations Committee has selected candidates for the 2012 Board of Directors election process, including five officers. more »

International Lighting Design Symposium
Celebrating a First Class Lighting Designer in China. more »

A Letter to the Institute
Rick Stephens says "thank you." more »

News From USITT's President
Saying thanks for years of service to the Institute, and looking forward. more »

Executive Director
Dancing with light on Broadway. more »

Education Commission
Doing more with fewer resources: tips, hints, and tricks. more »

Management Commission
Changes in leadership. more »

Scene Design & Technology Commission
Another view of immersive design. more »

Stage Expo 2012
Take a look at who is already planning to exhibit at Long Beach.more »

Getting Around in Long Beach
No car? No problem. Navigating the LA (and Long Beach) public transportation grid. more »

Packed up and Headed for Prague - The Last Word
Years of planning and months of design and construction work are all packed into a shipping container and started on a journey to Europe. more »

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