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Golden Pen Award

Lance Brockman
Golden Pen Committee

Exchanging information is a vital function of USITT's mission. One excellent way to let all members of USITT, and the world beyond, know about a new resource or outstanding information goldmine is to nominate a book for the Golden Pen Award. Any member can make a Golden Pen nomination to honor an outstanding publication in the field of design and production for the performing arts.

Books are eligible for three years from the date of publication. Past nominations do not automatically carry over from one year to the next, but books may be nominated more than once.

Deadline for 2006 Golden Pen Award nominations is August 15. An online nomination form is available here or contact committee member Lance Brockman at, or Martha Marking at, or Rich Dunham at for more information.

Among the criteria used in selecting an award-winning book are: scholarly research and critical thinking; presentation of the work and methodology of exceptional practitioners of theatrical arts and/or crafts; and/or description of the methods, skills and technology involved in creating works of theatre and/or crafts.

Previous award winners have covered a broad range of subjects from the 2005 selection of Meredith Chilton for Harlequin Unmasked to co-winners in 2004 Mark Cotta Vaz and Craig Barron, for The Invisible Art and Rosemary Ingham and Liz Covey, for The Costume Technician's Handbook to 2000 winners Alys E. Holden and Bronislaw J. Sammler for Structural Design for the Stage.

Golden Pen Award books and authors are honored as part of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. The books are also made available at discounted prices to members, through USITT's online bookstore, generally for three or four years after they received the award.

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Recent Golden Pen Winners