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Instant Access

Many of you have commented on how much easier it is to access Sightlines without having to enter a member number or password. We appreciate your positive feedback.

One of the benefits of the change is that you can now share information about the Institute with colleagues -- just copy the web location from the top of each page and paste it in an e-mail. We're proud of all that USITT offers its members and all that we achieve, and are glad when readers tell others about the organization.

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Catching Up

We also appreciate the positive feedback we have received about ALL the events which were held last March in Toronto. We have had many exhibitors commenting on how great Stage Expo was, and the enthusiasm from both first-time and veteran conference-goers has been overwhelming.

Conference planners are looking forward to presenting another exciting event in Louisville.

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Moody Apology

The editorial staff of Sightlines has been asked to share the following remarks by James Moody, a USITT Fellow and active long-time member, with our readers:

"At the ESTA Foundation Essential Skills Program Information Session on Saturday, March 19 during the USITT Toronto Conference I was trying to make a point concerning why the program was not just for younger -- high school and community college -- students, but was also needed even by graduate students. I did this by using an example of a graduate of a major institution.

"The point was that many graduates are led to believe that they are 'only' going to be designers when the harsh reality is that few will ever make a career as full time designers. Therefore, showing proficiency as defined by the Essential Skills program would be an excellent tool to have mastered. My example included the name of a specific institution, which was not proper. Few graduates of any school are equal in all areas of their training. Therefore my remarks and in particular the naming of the school were uncalled for and I do sincerely apologize."

James Moody
Chair Essential Skills Committee, ESTA Foundation

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