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DMX512 Errata Issued

An errata has been issued to correct errors in Table 4 on page 15 of the published version of ANSI E1.11-2004 - USITT DMX512A. A corrected version of the document has been sent to ANSI for sale on its website, and errata pages are included with the printed version available from the USITT bookshelf. The correct information is on the DMX512 FAQ page.

An error had been made in transferring the text from the last public review version of E1.11 to the published version. The pin numbers of the eight-position modular connector were put in numerical order in the Table 4 on page 15 in the published version. The document that was offered for public review and that was approved by the Control Protocols Working Group did not have the pins numbered in strict sequence. The pin sequence in the left column of Table 4 in the version that was approved is 1, 2, 3, 6, 4, 5, 7, 8, and not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 as published. Note that "6" is out of numerical order in the correct listing, which changes the positions and functions of "4" and "5." The other columns were then and remain correct.

This error was discovered by Steve Reader of Adena Scientific Limited, located in Hamilton, New Zealand. He noted that the pin numbering did not match the wire color assignments of ANSI/TIA/EIA-568 scheme T568B and that the numbering did not match what was shown in the last version that went to public review.

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PQ 2007 Submission Deadline

The Director of the Theatre Institute in Prague has announced the concept for the Prague Quadrennial 2007, the 11th International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture.

Each country and curator is encouraged to "present its individual exhibition around a theme that creates itself. The theme should reflect the particularly unique trends of that country's contemporary theatre culture as a perspective on the world today."

The deadline for each country to submit a theme is June 30, 2006. In order to prepare for this deadline, the Commissioners for the USA National Exhibit, Alexandra Bonds and Bruce Brockman, have set March 15, 2006 as the deadline for designers to submit their work for consideration for the exhibit.

That date is exactly two weeks prior to the 2006 USITT Annual Confernece in Louisville. Designs produced in the five years prior to PQ 2007 (from June 2002 on) are eligible for PQ 2007. A webpage for submissions and additional information is under development and will be announced in Sightlines and on the USITT website when it is completed. Designers are encouraged to start thinking about what work they would like to have included in this exhibit and are urged to save all the documentation of the process.

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Space Available in Costume Symposium

Why spend the summer someplace dull?

Instead, sign up for Working and Shopping in New York, a special three-day USITT program which helps participants explore the Great White Way and more. See the construction and craft standards and techniques used by New York prop houses and costume shops, learn from designers, design assistants, and shop heads, and tour the research and shopping resources available in the Big Apple.

Full details and registration forms are available here.

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New Bookstore Features USITT Titles

Take a few minutes to visit the new USITT Bookstore, including updated descriptions, color illustrations, and easier on-line ordering. Click here to see the current featured items-- the 2005 Golden Pen Award winner, the new USITT DMX standard, and the first in our Monograph series, The Designs of Willa Kim. Members, as always, receive a significant discount on publications offered by the organization. Take a few minutes to explore the free download area as well.

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