July 2016

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July 2016

New Products

ETC: Adds to Unison Echo Line

Contributing Member ETC expanded its Unison Echo line with two new products – Echo Expansion Bridge and Echo-Echoflex Interface.

The Echo Expansion Bridge can include up to 64 Echo devices, such as Inspire stations, Occupancy/Vacancy sensors, light sensors and output products and connect with EchoAccess for wireless control.

Echo-Echoflex Interface enables communication between Echo and Echoflex wireless devices without additional wiring.

RC4: Now Offers LumenDimPix, -IO

The new LumenDimPix by Sustaining Member RC4 adds LumenRadio CRMX to the Magic DMXpix’s capabilities.

RC4 now makes a CRMX transmitter/receiver to go with its LumenDim products: the new RC4 LumenDimIO.

Chauvet: Eve E-100Z First Fixture In DJ Event Series

Sustaining Member Chauvet is addressing lighting needs for DJs with its new Eve Series of fixtures for larger event venues while still compact and includes gel frames and holders for glass and steel gobos.

Mega Systems: Introduces Dicolor Phantom Panel

The new Dicolor Phantom Panel from Contributing Member Mega Systems is a line of vivid LED displays designed for outdoor production. It is offered in three different pitches to accommodate clarity needs, including 4.8mm, 5.9mm and 6.9mm.