August 2015

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August 2015

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Verda Beth Martell Joins Board

We offer congratulations to Verda Beth Martell, who took office as a member of the Board of Directors on July 1. She is taking the place of a candidate who was elected but is unable to serve.

Visitors from California

It is always great when members stop to visit us. In mid-July we were delighted to give Jim Cooper, long-time Conference Committee member, and his wife Patricia a tour and a bit of conversation.

Jim and Patricia have recently retired and were on an extended road trip from coast to coast. We were glad to show off the National Office, and only wish their stay could have been longer. Central New York is a great place to visit, and we are always glad to see members.

Answering Questions

As editor of Sightlines, I’ve answered questions about events which took place long before I arrived, but now, as I contemplate departure, I am being asked about events which have not yet occurred. Does anyone offer training so that former editors can become psychics?

In Memoriam: Gretel Geist Rutledge

We note with sadness the death of Gretel Geist Rutledge, a USITT member since 1976, who died in January in East Lansing, Michigan.

She was a costume designer and a professor in the theatre department of her alma mater, Michigan State University, for more than 30 years. She enjoyed fiber arts, print making, and silk painting. For information on contributions visit

Designing in Washington

The social sphere lit up when the White House turned into a rainbow following the announcement of the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality.

Al Crawford, keynote speaker at ETC’s CUE conference, mentioned that the rainbow colors on the White House were a Selador installation, and his company, arc3design, was involved in the installation. Nice work by all!

Jim Hutchison New Lighting Social Network ‘Sheriff’

There’s a new sheriff in town overseeing, the social networking site run by PLSN parent company Timeless Communications. Jim Hutchison has taken over responsibility for the site from Nook Schoenfeld, who continues as editor of the industry-leading printed publication.

"Jim is known worldwide for dishing out the dirt, reporting on cool trends as well as events," Mr. Schoenfeld added. "His unique brand of writing is always entertaining, and when he's not working on his day job with Avolites, he can be seen chatting, and quite often ranting about the state of lighting these days."

Mr. Hutchison, known by many for his lighting industry website, joined Avolites recently. Before that, he held key communications gigs with such companies as Chauvet Professional and CAST Software while also developing, which he founded in 2007.

"Oh, I’m thrilled to get started on ProLightingSpace," Mr. Hutchison quipped. "We’re gonna be talking light several times a week on the site, and getting an industry-wide chat going about what is up and how we feel in the business. I know that everybody’s gonna check it out!"

An Introduction to Salt Lake Attractions

Wonder what Salt lake City has in store? Here’s a fast look at its nine top-rated attractions.

Temple Square