March 2015

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March 2015

Spotlight on Giving

So Many Reasons to Support USITT

Andi Lyons with colleagues socializing after a 2013 Board of Directors and planning meeting in San Francisco.

Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas

I support my home with time and money to maintain it because I care about my family who lives there with me, because I enjoy spending time there, and because I feel safe in, and sustained by, that environment.

Similarly, I support USITT with my time and money because I care about the people who have become my professional family, because I enjoy spending time in their company, and because I feel safe and supported by USITT in so many ways that have directly and indirectly helped me, both personally and professionally, over the years.

I fully expect USITT will long outlive me, and I want to do my part to help make sure it is in good shape for the next generation and beyond.

Andi Lyons

Giving Opportunities »

Contributions from 1/15/2015 to 2/15/2015

Kook Fund

  • Bruce Auerbach
  • Alexandra Bonds
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • Dennis Dorn
  • Charles Williams

New Century Fund

  • Steen Mitchell In honor/memory of Jack Watson

Walley Russell Fund

  • Charles Williams
  • Kristopher Gardner In memory of Tayneshia Jefferson

New Century Fund - Diversity

  • Michael Mehler
  • Marva Pradier In memory of Tayneshia Jefferson
  • Nan Arceneaux In memory of Tayneshia Jefferson

Samuel Scripps International Fund

  • Richard Durst
  • Alexandra Bonds
  • Kevin Rigdon


  • Mark Shanda

General Operations

  • Darrell Ziegler
  • Carolyn Satter
  • Richard Finkelstein
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • William Browning
  • Carl Lefko
  • Dennis Dorn
  • Sherry Wagner-Henry
  • Brent Henry
  • Emily Gill
  • David Grindle
  • Kimb Williamson
  • Martha Marking

Fellows Fund

  • Arnold Aronson
  • Alexandra Bonds