March 2015

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March 2015

Conference & Stage Expo

Ninth Art Auction, Garage Sale Featured at Expo

Rich Dunham Art Auction Chair

Douglas W. Schmidt and Richard Pilbrow are just two of the artists whose contributed works will be part of the 2015 Art Auction.

The wait is almost over! The popular, tri-annual Theatre Art Auction and Garage Sale returns to the 55th Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Silent bidding for more than 30 costume, lighting, and scenic renderings, or other theatrical design materials, artwork, and specialty items will begin 11 a.m. Thursday, March 10 on the Expo floor near the Network Nexus and will be taken until 1 p.m. Saturday, March 21. Bid numbers can be purchased for a $5 donation to the Edward F. Kook Fund. It will not only allow bidding for the auction, it will allow purchases at the Garage Sale, which can be acquired immediately.

Held by the Grants & Fellowships Committee every three years, proceeds from the event go to the Edward F. Kook Fund. This fund, along with other USITT resources, finances the awards made through the Grants & Fellowships program. Approximately $300,000 has been distributed to a variety of grant and fellowship recipients. Typically, $20,000 to $25,000 in awards are distributed each year. The awards have helped sponsor all manner of research and technological development with the entertainment industry. The 7-LED Seledor Lighting system developed by Rob Gerlach and Novella Smith is a primary example of research that was aided through the Grants and Fellowship Program.

The highest bids at the auction closing will determine who will receive an item. Winners (or a representative) must be present to pay for and take possession of the item. Cash, check, or credit cards will be accepted. USITT will not be responsible for packaging or shipping any item.

Theatre artists represented in this year’s auction include Richard Pilbrow, Douglas Schmidt, Dunsi Dai. Jo Mielziner, Huaixiang Tan, John Scheffler, Joe Tilford, Darwin Payne, and Carolyn Ross. Some of the most interesting items are Jo Mielziner’s lighting cue sheets for the original Broadway production of Death of a Salesman; a blueline copy of Richard Pillbrow’s light plot and section for the North York Performing Arts Center (Toronto) production of Showboat; two signed Cirque du Soleil posters with accompanying show tickets and several rare/collectable books (some signed by the authors) ---including at least one five-volume set of costume history references. An original Denis Diderot block engraving of Stage Mechanics will be offered.

Garage Sale gems include vintage lamps, show posters, show/touring jackets from several very popular shows, and a number of books and other memorabilia from several of member collections and estates. Hit the garage sale early and often since additional items will be added throughout the week.

It’s all in good fun. Help a good cause while taking home a piece of theatrical history.