January 2014

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January 2014

News & Notices

New Officers Elected for 2014

Mark Shanda

Mark Shanda

Mark Shanda has received the nod to serve as President-Elect and will then become the Institute president following voting by USITT members in the 2014 election cycle. He will serve a year as President-Elect starting July 1, 2014 and then assume the presidency on July 1, 2015.

Others elected in voting which closed December 11 are:

Board of Directors

  • Mickey Henry
  • Rafael Jaen
  • Shane Kelly
  • Karen Maness
  • Michael McNamara
  • Vickie Scott

Elected as officers are:

  • Secretary: Jimmie Byrd
  • VP for Conferences: Jack Feivou
  • VP for Commissions: Carolyn Satter
  • VP for International Activities: Marketa Fantova

All will serve three year terms starting on July 1, 2014.

Sherry Wagner-Henry, chair of the Nominations Committee and current Secretary of the Institute, confirmed the results of voting which was conducted both online and by paper ballot for those who requested to use that method. More than 20 percent of eligible members participated in the process, a greater turnout than in many national elections.

With the 2014 elections closed, work is intensifying on the nominations process for 2015.

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