January 2014

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January 2014

Conference & Stage Expo

Philips To Celebrate Century Mark at Stage Expo

Pete Borchetta Product Marketing Manager, Philips Entertainment

Entertainment lighting industry pioneer Philips Strand Lighting will continue its Centennial Celebration at the USITT 2014 Conference & Stage Expo in Fort Worth, Texas March 26 to 29.

As its first public event of the celebration, Philips Strand Lighting will showcase its 250MLControl Console and its complete line of PL Series LED Luminaires at Booth 1101 on the Stage Expo floor.

With a history dating back to the early 1900s, Philips Strand Lighting has embraced the many changes and vast array of technology in the entertainment lighting industry. It now offers one of the most comprehensive and competitive range of luminaires, dimming equipment, control systems, and software to answer the creative needs of lighting designers and technicians around the world.

The company started in 1914 as the Strand Lighting Company serving London’s theatre district. In 1926, Century Lighting was opened to serve Broadway. The two companies merged into Strand Lighting and, in 2008, became part of Philips. Strand Lighting is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. As the company’s first public event in 2014, Philips Strand Lighting will continue its Centennial Celebration at USITT and  showcase the 250 ML Control Console as well as the  complete line of PL Series LED luminaires.

The new 250ML Lighting Control Console is the perfect desk to introduce customers to the world of intelligent fixture control. Built for entry level operation and small to medium sized theatres, the 250ML console merges the world of conventional dimmer/channel control using traditional Command Line operation with an easy to use interface for attributed fixtures and a color LCD screen that has soft keys and attribute encoders.

The 250ML console can control 250 channels for dimmers and 30 automated luminaires for Moving Lights and LEDs, plus it offers two DMX Ports with 1,024 outputs. Looks can be stored as either Submasters for easy access or cues for traditional theatre playback. With the 250ML console’s extensive and editable fixture library along with its intuitive Effects Engine, it provides  the tools needed to control a lighting rig.

Bringing together the power and performance of the Philips Entertainment LED light engine currently used in theatrical productions around the world, the PLFresnel1, PLProfile1, PLProfile4, PLCyc1, and PLCyc2 LED Luminaires dramatically bring lighting designs to life at a fraction of the energy costs of standard tungsten fixtures. Without the use of expensive gels, designers can now achieve virtually limitless color mixing and color temperatures through the use of the high-output RGBW LED chips inside each luminaire with a fully homogenized beam. Texture and shape light with the PLProfile1 or PLProfile4 LED luminaires, blend intense washes of color on a cyclorama with the PLCyc1 or PLCyc2 LED luminaires, or find  a general purpose theatrical luminaire in the PLFresnel1 LED, so the complete PL Series gives designers everything they need.

“Today, more than ever, backed by the multitude of technology innovations within Philips Entertainment, Philips Strand Lighting is able to give designers the absolute freedom to design the exact system that fits their needs,” said Julie Smith, Philips Strand Lighting Americas general manager. “Strand has made an invaluable impact on so many facets of the entertainment industry, and the changes it has gone through over the past 100 years have been remarkable. Words are difficult to capture the journey Strand has traveled, but today the journey continues at an accelerated pace to deliver the next generation of theatrical controls, fixtures and so much more. Not many companies can say they have touched and influenced the lives of so many people for as long as Strand has, and we are excited and honored to carry on this legacy well into the future.”

For more information, visit the company’s website.