July 2013

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July 2013


Commission Assigns Leadership Responsibilities

Carey Hanson Vice-Commissioner, Costume Design & Technology Commission

The Costume Design &Technology Commission recently underwent leadership changes.

Donna Meester will continue to serve as the Commissioner in charge of the overall administrative duties of the Commission. Jenny Kenyon serves as the Vice-Commissioner of Programming. Her duties include soliciting programming submissions for each Conference and scheduling all costume sessions.

The Vice-Commissioner of Pre-Conference Events is Martha Cooper, who is responsible for gathering proposals for and scheduling pre-conference events. Kevin McClusky will continue to serve as Vice-Commissioner of Symposia, gathering proposals for the Costume Summer Symposia as well as communicating among all involved with planning the annual symposia.

Vice-Commissioner of Communication is Carey Hanson, whose primary responsibilities include serving as the editorial liaison for Sightlines, as well as overseeing the Costume Commission webpages. Thomas Bernard continues to serve as Vice-Commissioner of Design. He is in charge of generating hands-on, interactive, design-related programming at each Conference. Regina Truhart is the Vice-Commissioner of Technology and is in charge of generating hands-on, technology related programming for each Conference.

The Vice-Commissioner for Hair/Wigs/Make-up is Karen Anselm. She is responsible for generating sessions or other activities related to hair, wigs, and make-up. Steven Stines is the newly appointed Vice-Commissioner for Student Interests. This position will help provide opportunities for the ever-growing student population of the Costume Commission.

M.C. Friedrich is the Vice-Commissioner for Archives, overseeing the recording and celebrating of the Commission’s history and its constituents. In addition to the Commissioner and Vice-Commission positions, there are several special project leaders. Jeffrey Lieder will chair the Costume Poster session, while Howard Vincent Kurtz will continue to oversee the annual Virtual Exhibit. Esther Van Eeck is the Portfolio Review Coordinator.