December 2012

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December 2012

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One Fellow's Perspective on Elections

Tim Kelly Fellow of the Institute

To the Editor:

November is voting month whether it’s national, state, local, or –yes- USITT elections; when we each have a voice in who we want to represent us. As overindulged as even the most ardent politico might be with the flood of campaign ads, at the very least there is no losing track of the upcoming elections. Many of us are focused on sorting out vexing design and technical problems or improving the bottom line, but there’s no escaping “I’m Blowhard T. Foghorn, and I approve this message.”

Seriously, we all have a good deal at stake in our national and local elections just as we have a vested interest in voting on the best leadership for USITT. From my perspective, the Institute’s elections provide much easier choices as all our candidates are dedicated USITT members who bring significant credentials to the job. It should be every member’s desire to recognize the dedication of time and talent selflessly given by our Board and Officers. The best way to show appreciation for their service is to have an overwhelming percentage of Institute members vote.  

Tim Kelly
Fellow of the Institute

Voting for six members of USITT’s Board of Directors continues until December 10. All those eligible to participate in the election should have received information and a link to electronic voting. Those with questions about the process should contact Shannan at or 800-938-7488 ext 101.