December 2012

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December 2012

News & Notices

Commissioners Meet at Disney World

David Krajec Vice-President for Commissions

USITT's Commissioners gathered in Disney World at the same time as the Board of Directors and Conference Committee.

Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas

In early August, the Commissioner’s Retreat was held at Disney World Boardwalk Resort in conjunction with the Board of Directors meeting. After a short reception with the USITT Board. The Conference Committee, and Florida-based members met to discuss their most pressing issues. Lea Asbell-Swanger, USITT President, met with the group to discuss the challenges facing the Institute and its members.

USITT Website - David Grindle, Executive Director, provided a preview of the new website and all its new featrues. The Commissioners were excited about the possibilities that are now available. The site is now available through one server with Commission forums.

Commission Budgets – The Commissions continue to do great work throughout the year. However, programming and projects need more input from the membership. Those interested in seeing a particular program presented at the conference or who have an idea for a project within a Commission, should contact the appropriate Commissioner to solicit help on how to propose and fund a project. Projects are funded through each Commission’s budget.

Conference Programming Quality & Dissemination –This is a topic on which we are constantly striving to improve. Programming at the national conference should not end at the conference but continue on to the regional level. Many members cannot attend the conference; however, they are active in their local sections.

Commission Leadership – Although there is strong leadership within the Commissions, the group discussed how Commissioners can serve the membership throughout the year. USITT is not only the conference. The support for the membership growth in knowledge and experience should be continuous.