July 2012

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July 2012

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Conference Mobile Web

Sometimes we don’t get it right.

This year USITT offered a new mobile site for the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. While it had great potential, creating it in six weeks was a challenge greater than the software company was ready to handle, and more than they anticipated. The office collected the feedback from the attendees and shared it with the developers. Their response was to return the entire cost to USITT.

USITT will continue to work to provide a highly integrated conference site, but this one was not it. The office and volunteers do lots of things right in this Institute and those are what we like to promote. When we miss the mark, we should admit that too. Please keep your comments coming, they do make a difference.

Happy Independence Day

For those in the United States, we wish all a mid-week break from the usual. Whether at a performance, helping stage a concert, or figuring out a new recipe for barbecue, have a great celebration. The USITT office will be closed on Wednesday, July 4.

Welcome to New Board Members

July 1 marks the start of terms of office for President Lea Asbell-Swanger, Treasurer Dan Culhane, and Vice-President for Programming Tom Hackman. We welcome them all.

July 1 also marks the beginning for a first or continuing term on the Board of Directors for 2012-2015 for
Kasey Allee-Forman, Bill Browning, Alessia Carpoca, Michael Mehler, Linda Pisano, and Carolyn Satter.

With the election of Dan Culhane as Treasurer, Jack Feivou will take his seat on the Board of Directors starting July 1.

One last change, since the Pamela Leung as resigned from the board, at its June 5 meeting the Directors voted to have Raphael Jaen fill that vacancy. He took office immediately.