June 2012

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June 2012

Costume Design & Technology Commission

Traditional, Green, Digital Approaches: Student Leadership Initiatives

Rafael Jaen

Images/Courtesy Rafael Jaen

The Costume Design & Technology Commission hosted the second installment of the new Student Leadership Initiatives (SLI) at the 2012 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Long Beach. SLI showcased projects featuring imaginative solutions and effective teaching by students in costume design, costume technology, and digital applications.

The presenters included:

  • Austin M. Rausch, a senior undergraduate of design for theatre, costume design concentration at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas;
  • Caroline Spitzer, a senior BFA costume design candidate at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, who received the KCACTF National Award for Outstanding Costume Design 2011;
  • Charles V. Fisher, an undergraduate student in theatre and studio art, with minors in art history and philosophy at the University of Nebraska (UNO) who received the 2012 KCACTF Region 5 awards in Costume Design and Scenic Design Excellence;
  • Elizabeth LaRouche, an undergraduate student in theatre and entertainment technology with an emphasis in costuming and design at Michigan Tech University; and
  • Wes Jenkins, a third-year graduate student, seeking a costume design degree at Lindenwood University in St Charles, Missouri.

Topics covered traditional, green, and digital approaches. Mr. Rausch led with Designing for Different Body Types; Ms. Spitzer spoke about Rust Dyeing for the Stage; Mr. Fisher challenged participants with New Mediums: Maintaining Artistry with Digital Costume Rendering; Ms. LaRouche inspired with QR Codes: Applications for Costumes; and Mr. Jenkins added whimsy with A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Creating Convincing Wings for an Intimate Performance.

For more information, or to submit an abstract, e-mail rafael_jaen@emerson.edu.