October 2010

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October 2010

News & Notices

Seek Technical Director for Scenofest 2011

Michael Ramsaur, head of the USITT OISTAT Center, reports that Scenofest at the PQ is seeking a technical director. Anyone interested in discussing the position can contact Jessica Bowles at jessica.bowles@cssd.ac.uk.

Job description:

The Technical Director for Scenofest 2011 will be responsible to Scenofest Project Manager Jessica Bowles and will work in unison with Scenofest’s Production Manager Michaela Stránská. This is a volunteer position and is usually supported by the TD’s university or organization. Accommodations and transport to and from the event and any meetings outside of the TD’s locality shall be paid for by Scenofest.

Responsibilities include:

  • To oversee all of the technical requirements of the Scenofest workshops, Disk Stories, Street Stories, and Six Acts.
  • A good working knowledge of Scenic construction, lighting, sound, and AV required.

The workshops will vary in size and style. There are a number of rooms available at DAMU that will provide adequate facilities. There is some basic equipment available in these rooms, and throughout the DAMU facility, although the actual technical requirements for each workshop will differ.

Disk Stories will utilize the equipment already present in the theatre, but there is no reason why other manufacturers’ equipment could not be used.

Street Stories should only require logistical coordination.

Six Acts could be anything; have fun!

The basic duties include:

  • liaise with the Technical Director of PQ and with the Technical Director of DAMU
  • liaise with all visiting companies and organizations with regard to their technical and logistical needs.
  • source, organize, and manage all relevant volunteer technical personnel/students as required.
  • manage the technical elements of the Scenofest budget.
  • organize and manage transportation and logistics for the entire Scenofest. This will involve liaison and negotiation with the exhibitors of the PQ National Exhibition, Schools Exhibition, and Architecture Exhibition.
  • raise sponsorship from companies; this can be through equipment or monetary donation.
  • oversee student operational practice.
  • compile technical specification and data documents regarding space and facilities for visiting workshop leaders, performances, etc. and make it an enjoyable and educational experience for the students and young practitioners.