October 2010

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October 2010

News & Notices

Awards Nominations, Registration Now Open

Sylvia Hillyard Pannell - Past President

Designer Beauty Thibodeau was nominated for the Makeup Design Award sponsored by Kryolan Professional Make-up during the 2010 awards process. Adjudicators chose her to receive the award based on submissions of her work, above.

Image/Beauty Thibodeau

USITT members have the opportunity to identify and celebrate the best of theatre design, management, and technology through the Institute’s nationally and internationally recognized awards.

The membership is invited and encouraged to nominate deserving candidates to receive distinction in the awards categories recognized by the Institute. Participation by USITT members assures outstanding candidates from throughout the organization will be considered. This year’s awardees will be honored at the 2011 USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina March 9 to 12. Online nomination forms are available here.

USITT members are encouraged to nominate candidates for awards in these categories:

Special Achievement Awards

Special Achievement Online Nomination Form due November 15.

  • USITT Award: The highest honor given by USITT, recognizes a lifetime contribution to the performing arts community. Recipients do not need to be members of the Institute nor have any connection to USITT.
  • Joel E. Rubin Founder's Award: Given to a USITT member in recognition of outstanding and continued service to the Institute.
  • Thomas DeGaetani Award: Traditionally recommended by USITT members and/or the Regional Section in the area of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo to honor outstanding lifetime contribution to that performing arts community by an individual living and/or working in that region.
  • Honorary Lifetime Member Awards: Given to distinguished individuals to be recognized for providing “a lifetime of continuous service to the Institute.”
  • Special Citations: Recognize outstanding achievement in any area of the performing arts by an individual or an organization. The award may be given for recognition of work within USITT, for the benefit of the performing arts community, and/or for the cultural fulfillment of the community at large.

Distinguished Achievement Award

Distinguished Achievement Online Nomination Form due November 15.

  • Distinguished Achievement Award: Honors an individual who has established a meritorious career record in a specific field of expertise in any area of design or technology in the performing arts or entertainment industry. The recipient does not have to be a member of USITT.

Awards for Young Designer & Technician Awards

Awards for Young Designer & Technician Online Nomination (Registration) Form - due October 15.

Rising Star Award

Rising Star Online Nomination (Registration) Form due November 5

  • Rising Star Award: Sponsored by LDI/LiveDesign magazine this award is given annually to a young professional at the beginning of a career. The award recognizes excellence and artistic achievement in the areas of scenic, lighting, sound, and projection design, or the convergence of these design disciplines. Recipients must be in the first four years of professional (non-academic) work following the completion of his or her most recent degree.

Architecture Awards

  • USITT Architecture Awards: Afford public and professional recognition for contemporary architectural projects. These can be either new construction or renovation or repurposing of existing structures. Temporary performances spaces have also been recognized. USITT Architecture Awards entry deadline November 8.
  • Architectural and Theatre Students "Ideal Theatre" Design Competition: Theatre students serve the role of “the Client” and architectural students function as “the Designer” to create their university’s “Ideal Theatre.” Architectural and Theatre Students "Ideal Theatre" Design Competition entry forms due November 17.

International Health & Safety Award

  • International Health & Safety Award: Recognizes recipient for an outstanding contribution towards health and safety in the performing arts community. It can be presented to an individual for a career-long dedication to health and safety as well as special initiatives.

“USITT will honor the best of theatre design, management, and technology through nationally and internationally recognized awards” USITT Vision Statement.