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On the second day of the USITT Study Tour, participants will arrive in Croatia's largest city and capital, Zagreb. Several student members have been selected to receive assistance to participate in the June 2007 tour.

Study Tour Award
Winners Named

Sandy Bonds
VP-International Activities

Six students have been selected to join the USITT Study Tour to Central Europe ending in Prague for the Prague Quadrennial 2007. The award of $2,725 each covers much of the cost of the three-week tour. These students will have the opportunity to travel with other USITT members through Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Czech Republic. The tour will include visits to historic and contemporary theatres, as well as World Heritage sites and local scenery of the natural kind.

Members of this and previous USITT international tours have contributed to the funding to support student participation, a generous example of the commitment of USITT members to students and their educational opportunities.

A central aspect of the mission of USITT is to promote international alliances and activities, and to provide avenues for members to reach beyond our borders to colleagues in other countries. The Institute is pleased to incorporate student members as a part of this significant cross-cultural exchange of ideas with some of the world's finest theatre designers and artisans.

Study Tour Award Winners:
Emily Gill, University of Georgia
Advisors: Larry Hill, Sylvia Pannell

Nick Gonsman, Pennsylvania State University
Advisors: William Kenyon, Daniel Robinson

Ola Kraszpulska, Marshall University
Advisors: Lang Reynolds, Mike Murphy

Ben Philipp, University of Georgia
Advisors: Sylvia Pannell, Tina Hantula

Carl Walling, Bowling Green State University
Advisors: Ronald Shields, Jonathan Chambers 

Tzuen Yap, North Carolina School of the Arts
Advisors: Vicki R. Davis, Howard C. Jones

Annelie Thurin, University of Oregon
Advisors: Alexandra Bonds, Tyrone Marshall

Candida Nichols, University of Texas at Austin
Advisors: Susan E. Mickey, Michelle Habeck

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