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Deadline February 19
For Houston Session Proposals

Kevin McCluskey
Costume Design & Technology Commission

The deadline is fast approaching to propose a session for the 2008 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Houston.

The deadline to submit session proposals is February 19, 2007. Take the time to set pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) and make a proposal. Fax or e-mail to: Kevin McCluskey, Conference Programming Chair,; fax 540-654-1083. As soon as a proposal is received, it will be quickly reviewed to see if any questions should be answered before submission to the membership during the Phoenix conference.

If any costume commission member has an idea for a session, but is not able to present it, send the idea to the Costumer's Info listserv. Pay particular attention to the Technical Requirements portion of the proposal form. The proposal form is located here. Committee members can also use a link on that page to subscribe to the Costume Info listserv.

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