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Kim Williamson
VP Commissions

Each year at about this same time I set about making resolutions for the New Year: increase my cycling to 150 miles each month; resolve to be on time rather than my usual seven minutes late; send and reply to correspondence in a more timely manner; and make clearer the knowledge of what constitutes a USITT Commission.

Is the better understanding of Commissions worthy of a New Year's resolution? Yes, I think it is and here's why: New Year's resolutions are (for me in any case) the opportunity to make changes that are possible; a chance to look at the past year and identify what has worked well, what might be changed, and what can be changed for the better; what can be postponed at the present for possible change in a future New Year's resolution; and certainly, what can be ruled out all together.

The USITT Commissions, by their very nature, are dynamic and rely on the interests, involvement, and activities of their members. In order for the Commissions to even begin to pursue projects, programming, or Commissioner's Fund support, the basic vocabulary of what a commission is and how it operates needs to be more available to the membership.

Here's where the implementation of my resolution lies -- Ask the VP! In making clearer the knowledge of what a Commission is, I want to know your questions. Send them to me at, and I will respond (in an timely manner; I resolve!). I will also create a Top Ten list of questions to appear in the February issue of Sightlines.

And while you are pondering the perfect question to ask, it is not too early to plan your participation in Commission activities for the Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Phoenix. The Commissioners have been working with members in mind to assemble a group of sessions, workshops, and receptions to meet your needs and interests.

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Kim Williamson is USITT Vice-President for Commissions.