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Lucking Joins Architecture Leadership

The Architecture Commission has announced that Peter Lucking, a principal with SBDesign from Denver, has been appointed its new Vice-Commissioner for membership. Mr. Lucking has 21 years of experience in the profession and has international experience in planning, designing, and preserving theatres, concert halls, and performing arts centers.

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Arnold to Present Fellows Address

Following the stirring Fellows Address last year by the "youthful" Rick Stephens, Richard Arnold decided it was time for the "elderly" to give a talk. His address "How Did We Get Here From There?: American Theatre Mid-20th Century," will be part of the All-Conference Reception, Fellows Address, and Awards for Young Designers & Technicians presentation. The reception starts at 6:15 p.m. Thursday, March 15 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix as part of the 47th Annual Conference & Stage Expo.

Mr. Arnold will reflect primarily on the progress in American theatre since the "ancient" 1940s and 1950s when many of the older Institute members began their careers. Mr. Arnold is a Past President of USITT, professor emeritus of Northern Illinois University, and author of major theatre design and technology books.

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A Note from Dr. Rubin

We are glad to report that Dr. Joel E. Rubin, the Institute's co-founders, is in his fifth decade of actively promoting USITT. He reports "I had the opportunity to be at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo where my wife Lucille was being inducted into the Theatre Department's Hall of Fame. I had the opportunity to address the design and technical theatre majors, mostly members of the Theta Student Chapter of USITT. They got a good tout from me on how important contacts within USITT would be if they moved on to graduate school and if they were looking for employment in the industry. It turns out that some  of them have attended USITT Conferences in the past and had gained much from the experience."

We congratulate Dr. Lucile S. Rubin on this most recent honor.

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Something Old, Something New

Members of USITT's Archives Committee, assisted by members interested in the organization's history were in Syracuse helping with the organization of USITT's records. While this is a newish task, they have been dealing with many older records, and have come upon a few puzzles. One of those is whether a usable image of Thomas DeGaetani, USITT's first President, exists. We have several images of the side of Mr. DeGaetani's head, both left and right ears.

Another is a question of the identity of several individuals. One gentleman, shown here at the 1971 Conference in Dallas, Texas is familiar to everyone, but is so far unnamed. Can you help? Consultation with visitors (Archivist Rich Stephens, Past President Richard Arnold, long-time Secretary Jean Montgomery, and Living History Project Coordinator Lea Asbell-Swanger) has not yielded a name. Send your best guess to

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