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Student Volunteers help set up and program audio and video equipment, assisting Adam Klein, center, Conference Media Resources Coordinator. Current USITT student members can begin applying to the program starting on September 22, 2005.

Photo/Bill Browning

Seek Student Volunteers for
2006 USITT Conference

Monica L. Merritt
Conference Registration Coordinator

USITT is looking for 100 student members to participate in the 2006 Student Volunteer Program. In exchange for 15 hours of work at the Conference, USITT will waive the conference registration fee. This does not include banquet tickets, professional development workshops, or any other extra cost events. Assignments vary from conference office support, A/V and computer assistance, Stage Expo set-up and tear down, and many other opportunities that will help make the 46th Annual Conference & Stage Expo a success.

The Student Volunteer Program registration form will be available on-line starting September 22. At that time, current USITT Student members may download, complete, and submit the application form to the USITT office. Registration forms may be faxed to 315-463-6463 or 866-398-7488 or mailed to USITT, 6443 Ridings Rd, Syracuse, NY 13206. A copy of each applicant's student ID must be included with the registration form.

Starting October 6, the Student Volunteer Program will be open to anyone wishing to become a USITT member. Forms will be available on-line and students who do not have a current USITT membership can sign up for the program and apply for membership at the same time.

Applicants are selected for the program on a first come, first served basis. Incomplete registration forms will be returned and will need to be completed and resubmitted for consideration. Questions? Call Monica Merritt at 315-463-6463 or 800-938-7488 or e-mail

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