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Check your mailbox for more on Share USITT and how members can help strengthen their organization. Special membership applications will be included for use during the promotion.

by Michelle L. Smith
Membership & Ad Sales Manager


Membership Campaign
Launched -- Share USITT

When people make discoveries that help them do their jobs better, they share their findings with others. USITT is one of these discoveries.

Help USITT, the association that advances knowledge and hones skills, grow in numbers and strength, by sharing the benefit of membership with colleagues and friends. For a limited time, USITT is offering a reward for this assistance. From now through November 30, members receive chances to win terrific prizes for every new Individual or Professional member they recruit. The more members recruited, the more chances awarded.

Elynmarie Kazle, Vice President for Membership & Development, says "Share USITT is a wonderful way for all members, even those who may not have the time to serve on committees or write articles, to help strengthen USITT. Our members can extol the benefits of belonging to USITT far more persuasively than any brochure."

Grand prize is an Annual Conference & Stage Expo package. This includes a full-conference registration, round-trip airfare, and four nights hotel accommodations. Other prizes may be USITT logo merchandise, a digital camera, a Broadway Visa Gift Card, and USITT bookstore gift certificate.*

Details and special applications** will be mailed soon. Members who want to start sharing right away, can find information and applications here.

Share USITT with friends and colleagues today for a stronger and more diverse organization tomorrow.

*Special restrictions apply for all prizes including grand prize. See web or mailing for details.

**Only Share USITT applications for Individual and Professional memberships postmarked by November 30, 2005 will earn referring members entries in the prize drawing.

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